Digital ID solutions in the EU

Date(s) - 27.10.2023
ore 17:00 - 19:00 Uhr

Dashamir Doxha and Gianguido Piani

Liceo Scientifico Sportivo "Toniolo", Bozen-Bolzano


Dashamir Hoxha and Gianguido Piani


Digital Identity plays a crucial role in a digitalized society, where most of the interactions and transactions are done online in a digital format. The Digital ID solutions that we use today have problems and limitations, therefore better solutions are being designed and built. We will discuss the problems with the current solutions, and what is being done to build better ones. In particular, we will talk about the Decentralized Identity (or  Self-Sovereign Identity) and the forthcoming EU Digital Identity Wallet.
The discussion will start with a talk by Dashamir Hoxha: “Making the Internet Trustworthy”, which emphasises the problems with the current Digital ID solutions, and tries to explain what Decentralized Identity is and  how it works. At the end of the talk there are also some details about the EU Digital Identity Wallet (which is based on the Decentralized Identity technology).
Gianguido Piani will briefly look at how much digital identity is actually necessary. In fact, we could have much better security with less technology. Common sense instead of chips. Is there any opportunity in this  respect?
Two points of view and a meeting point in between. The floor will be open to anyone willing to participate in the discussion, sharing her/his own experience, knowledge and ideas related to this debated topic.